Driving in New Zealand

You need to meet a number of requirements to drive on New Zealand roads. Just like other drivers, you must have a current driver licence; but you may also need an international driving permit or translation if your licence is not in English.

You’ll need to consider more permanent arrangements if you’re in New Zealand for more than 12 months.

For more information about NZ transport visit the New Zealand Transport Agency website.


Don’t Text and Drive

Of all the distractions ensnaring drivers, texting is the one that is raising the greatest ire among safety researchers, industry critics, auto companies and federal and state regulators around the world. Texting is taking lives, and that’s provoking national outrage and promulgating new laws and safety campaigns.

Common Driving Mistakes:

Pushing Buttons, Aggressive Driving, Mobile Devices, Driving While Upset.
Don`t do it we fine you for it……!

Enjoy your trip.